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Whaly 500R / 500R80 Professional

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The Whaly 500R / 500R80 Professional is an incredibly robust, double-walled boat manufactured from highgrade Polyethylene – it’s almost unsinkable and indestructible. This version is even stronger and has a foam layer on the interior, making it the preferred choice for professional use as a workboat, though it is very suitable for rescue operations too. Furthermore, the Whaly 500R80 Professional has an additional option: an engine with 80hp – very handy when speed is of the essence.
This boat is low-maintenance and is produced in 100% colour-fast Polyethylene.
The specifications will certainly convince you of its quality.
EC type Certificate; Assessed according to Directive 2013/53/EU and meets all applicable essential safety requirements

Suitable for:


500R & 500R80 Professional:

Optional colours on request


Steering console / Bench with storage space

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