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Our business models allow us flexibility to work with existing ferry operators and cargo carriers in may ways, from sales to partnerships. We also provide custom and semi-custom solutions for work boats to the mining, logging and supply boats businesses, 48 and 60-person ferry and crew boats, patrol boats with long duration as well as high speed options. Fishing vessels for both the leisure and commercial fleets, cruising vessels, police and customs launches and many other configurations including landing craft and delta ribs all built with polymer technology.

Things are different at sea, things happen that are not forecast or expected, so how can we protect those whose lives are in our care ? Vessels that are not capable of sinking regardless of how catastrophic the damage or how extraordinary the circumstances, go a long way to ensuring the safety of our passengers. We have put safety as our top priority. Our chosen build material polymer plate is less dense than water and our vessels void spaces are filled with closed cell foam floatation to ensure that even in the extremely unlikely event that the incredibly tough hull plate were to be damaged, the vessel will not be in danger of sinking.

Our Solution

To bring the number of drowning deaths in micro transport related accidents to zero. Our goal is to see all vessels that put the lives of passengers at risk, be replaced with our safe economical, and recyclable vessels. There should be no need for drownings as part of a daily routine, anywhere for any reason.

Our Vision

Maxboat Marine Corp. was established in 2016 to satisfy the requirements of MARINA (Maritime Industry Authority) to produce high quality modern vessels with a high concentration on safety.

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 We are a MARINA licensed CLASS B Boat Builder And a member of the Shipyard Association of the Philippines

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