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Submarine mechatronics

Aeffe srl has been synonymous with innovation in underwater mechatronics for 10 years, designing and producing new generation underwater drones and robots for the maintenance of yacht hulls, swimming pools, industrial tanks for multiple uses and aquariums or submerged environments in general; we also offer complementary products such as new generation total green antifoulings. Our catalog is used and promoted by our Points: commercial partners who, embracing the change, embrace the innovation of Keelcrab brand products and offer them to their customers as products or services.

Maxboat Marine Corp. is an official Keelcrab point (Service Centre) in Philippines

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Maxboat Marine Corp. was established in 2016 to satisfy the requirements of MARINA (Maritime Industry Authority) to produce high quality modern vessels with a high concentration on safety.

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 We are a MARINA licensed CLASS B Boat Builder And a member of the Shipyard Association of the Philippines

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